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Minions are Here

clock June 26, 2015 09:45 by author Ruth

Our Minion fabric arrived today. I don't expect it to last long. Stop in and get your panel and coordinates before they are gone.

National Pink Day

clock June 23, 2015 13:18 by author Ruth

National Pink Day is recognized on June 23rd as a day set aside to acknowledge the color pink and all that it represents. The color pink was first used in fashion in the late 17th century to identify a very pale shade of red and was the same color as a flower of the same name. As a common color of flowers, pink attracts the insects and birds that are necessary for pollination.


The color pink is most commonly "associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, early childhood and romance." It has also been mainly used in art during the Renaissance to denote the flesh tones for hands and faces. Pink has become bolder and brighter in the 20th century with the introduction of 'shocking pink' to the color pallets of fashion designers in 1931.

A reference to the color pink has also become part of our lexicon: if you are 'in the pink' it denotes being in top form, good health or in good condition while being 'tickled pink' means being extremely pleased. Stop by the Quilt N Go to see our selection of pink fabric from pale pink to bold hot pink, there will be something to tickle your fancy!

National Leon Day

clock June 23, 2015 13:09 by author Ruth

Making a list and checking it twice isn't just a good idea for shopping in December! On National Leon Day, June 25th during the Row by Row Experience, you can get a head start on the holiday season by checking your 'To Buy' List for helpful additions. 'Leon' is Noel spelled backwards and marks the half way point until Christmas! With six months to go, it's never too early to freshen up your sewing and crafting space and check your supplies.


One area to consider involves checking out the condition of your quilting rulers. After reorganizing/reviewing your collection of rulers, take note of any that need replacement. Repeated use of a favorite ruler can result in nicks that catch your rotary cutter that only a little sanding of the edge can help to solve. Now would be a good time to buy yourself a new ruler to replace an old favorite or acquire a new ruler that you've had on your 'Wish List'.

Stop by Quilt N Go to check out our collection of rulers! Creative Grids features 2 1/2 inch squares all the way up to 20 inch rulers and all those in between plus Scrap Crazy Set featuring non-slip adhesive rings. Quilt in a Day has unique templates that feature Scallops, Vines and Waves as well as multiple sizes of Flying Geese rulers. And they are made in America!!


Don't forget to mark your calendar for our special 'Christmas in July' Sales Event this year. It's been expanded to four days: Wednesday, July 22 to Saturday, July 25. We will have a fantastic collection of "blues" and coordinating fabrics available. Check our Saturday Morning Coffee with Quilt N Go Newsletter from June 20th for a 'sneak peek' at the gorgeous choices you'll have in just one month

Ready, Set, Go Row by Row 2015

clock June 22, 2015 10:20 by author Ruth

Today is THE day to start shopping for Row by Row Experience, 2015. Armed with your lists, the fun can now begin! You've mapped out the shops you'd like to visit, planned your itinerary, and gathered your list of 'must have' items to finish any UFO's. The car has been gassed up, snacks packed and quilting BFF's are ready to go!


Be sure to stop by Quilt N Go to pick up your Row by Row Kit and license plate. Let us know where your call home so we can add a pin to the map tracking all of our visitors this year. It'll be great fun to see how far quilters will go to join in on all the fun designing their unique quilt centered around this year's theme--water. What better place to shop than the 'Great Lakes State'. See you soon!

Sewing Machine Day

clock June 13, 2015 05:10 by author Ruth

For many, the sewing machine is a common, everyday household tool used to repair damaged clothes or sew together a new outfit. In recent years with the advent of ever increasing innovation, the sewing machine has evolved into an intricate machine capable of a variety of simple stitches and elaborate embroidery.


Be sure to welcome summer by performing a thorough cleaning and oiling of your machine--completed by yourself or professional technician able to make the necessary adjustments. A cleaned and well-oiled machine will not only improve the machines performance but also extend the working life of the machine.


Stop by Quilt N Go to stock up on needles, thread and a new bottle of lubricating oil to maintain your machine in tip top condition. With the start of Row by Row Experience on Sunday, June 21 you will want to be ready for all the fun ahead! We will not be open on Sunday but come see us Monday.


10 days to Row by Row Experience

clock June 12, 2015 06:56 by author Ruth

With the warm days of summer upon us, celebrating National Tea Day in June is most appropriate way to toast those events that get us out of doors! Gardening, biking, golfing, or just relaxing with a glass of your favorite brew and your Row by Row Experience To Do List in hand, here's one you might want to try--an Arnold Palmer.


The www.golf.about.com website refers to the Arnold Palmer as a mock tail--a mixed drink without any alcohol; the best choice for enjoying a cool, refreshing drink on a hot day. The commonly told tale around the drinks naming revolves around the Arnold himself. He was overheard by another patron asking a bartender to mix him a special drink and giving the directions on just how to do it. The patron then asked for that 'Arnold Palmer' drink.


If you've never tried it, there are two suggested combinations. In the 'original', pour unsweetened tea over ice cubes and add lemonade as the sweetener--75% tea and 25% lemonade. Others prefer pouring more 50% tea and 50% lemonade mix. Try both combinations and then decide which mixture suits you 'to a tea'

11 Days Ahead

clock June 9, 2015 11:32 by author Ruth

After finding a wonderful charm pack on sale, a recent shopper was overheard to ask her friend, "What size quilt can be made with charm packs?"

Thanks to a reference guide at Quilt N Go you can address that dilemma. Using a pack of 42 five inch squares, consider the following recommendations. These measurements are without a border added. Additional fabric with be needed for borders or drop.

By keeping this little table handy, you can maximize the potential of finding just the right combination of charm packs and fabrics to meet your quilting and gift-giving needs. Happy sewing!



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