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Spring is here!

clock March 26, 2016 04:37 by author Madison

Now that winter is finally behind us we can start thinking about everything spring. And with spring comes spring cleaning. If you find yourself going through all your sewing and quilting stuff and either get rid of some stuff or find that you don't have as much as you thought you did then you are in luck. We are in full spring mode at the shop now. We have lots of pretty spring fabrics that range any where from bright spring colors to pretty floral patterns to cute little bugs. So when the inspiration hits you come browse through the new spring fabrics and you might just find a new project to do! Or you might find that perfect fabric you've been looking for to finish that project.





Your next project?!

clock March 5, 2016 05:54 by author Madison

While looking at this beautiful fabric, Ruth (my grandma) came up with an idea on how to use up this fabric. She decided to make a jelly roll 1600 race out of it! she cut 2 1/2 wide strips and got to sewing. Since the fabric has such a beautiful pattern to it, it looks beautiful just by itself. This is something that's perfect for just hanging up in any room and your house. It will brighten up any room you chose to put in it and be a great thing to decorate with. This is something that's easy and quick and can bring so much to a room. I definitely recommend making this one!




This is the gorgeous fabric she used


 This is the final project



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