Have you been loving doing 10 minute table runners? I recently just finished tow the other day and I have to say they can be addicting! They are cute, easy, quick, and simple and they look gorgeous wherever you decided to put them. But whats even better than a 10 minute table runner? The mini table runners! Not only are they smaller and cuter they take less than 10 minutes! The mini table runners are perfect for putting on the back of the toilet or on a dresser or anywhere you want! They add a cute and fun vibe wherever you place them. And it gets better! Two fat quarters makes two mini table runners! Yes that means twice as many mini table runners. When you buy two fat quarters to make the mini table runner we will also give you the pattern free to make it. The mini table runner is the perfect way to get your house looking spring ready. They are easy to make, take less than 10 minutes, and they are a great decoration! We also just got in some very pretty and colorful fabrics that are perfect for these mini table runners as well.


 Below are the pictures of the mini table runner itself and some of the new fabrics we just got in.



This is the mini table runner!