On March 15th, we hosted the Bargello class and it was a big hit!  This simple pattern showed the basic construction of a Bargello quilt and how even though they look very complicated, they are actually quite simple!   

Since this little quilt had all the blocks the same size, it was quick and easy to construct.  Making a more "complicated" Bargello requires making different size cuts to yield the different size blocks which make these quilts so stunning.  One of the most important tips the class taught was to label everything as you go to keep things in order.  When labeling stacks of squares or rows in a quilt, I use notes and plastic bags, notes pinned right to the row or block, and numbered pins.  Using a design wall or a large open floor space to lay your pieces out is also an easy way to get a visual of what your top will look like.  Seeing the entire top even before it's all stitched helps see blocks that are turned in the wrong direction, or color pooling, or anything else you'd like to change before putting the top together.  Another useful tool for seeing easily fixed issues is to snap a picture with your phone.  For some reason, seeing a picture allows you to quickly and easily spot issues you may miss.  Changing the color tone to black and white on the photo will show you the color values of dark, medium, and light and where your top may have a large section of dark or light colors together. 

If you would like to learn to make a simple Bargello, just call the shop and we will schedule another class!  Don't forget to watch the newsletter for upcoming classes and events!  There's always something fun going on at Quilt 'N Go!

Happy quilting!