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10 days to Row by Row Experience

clock June 12, 2015 06:56 by author Ruth

With the warm days of summer upon us, celebrating National Tea Day in June is most appropriate way to toast those events that get us out of doors! Gardening, biking, golfing, or just relaxing with a glass of your favorite brew and your Row by Row Experience To Do List in hand, here's one you might want to try--an Arnold Palmer.


The www.golf.about.com website refers to the Arnold Palmer as a mock tail--a mixed drink without any alcohol; the best choice for enjoying a cool, refreshing drink on a hot day. The commonly told tale around the drinks naming revolves around the Arnold himself. He was overheard by another patron asking a bartender to mix him a special drink and giving the directions on just how to do it. The patron then asked for that 'Arnold Palmer' drink.


If you've never tried it, there are two suggested combinations. In the 'original', pour unsweetened tea over ice cubes and add lemonade as the sweetener--75% tea and 25% lemonade. Others prefer pouring more 50% tea and 50% lemonade mix. Try both combinations and then decide which mixture suits you 'to a tea'

11 Days Ahead

clock June 9, 2015 11:32 by author Ruth

After finding a wonderful charm pack on sale, a recent shopper was overheard to ask her friend, "What size quilt can be made with charm packs?"

Thanks to a reference guide at Quilt N Go you can address that dilemma. Using a pack of 42 five inch squares, consider the following recommendations. These measurements are without a border added. Additional fabric with be needed for borders or drop.

By keeping this little table handy, you can maximize the potential of finding just the right combination of charm packs and fabrics to meet your quilting and gift-giving needs. Happy sewing!

Sweet Day 16

clock June 9, 2015 04:01 by author Ruth

It's never too late to celebrate National Donut Day with a yummy treat from Sweetwaters Donut Mill or Station 66 to go along with your favorite cup of coffee and any edition of Saturday Morning Coffee with Quilt N Go! Each week, new quilt books, patterns and fabrics are featured along with a variety of kits and a list of our latest class offerings. Check out our Row by Row sample for this year as you plan your itinerary for this summer's 'road trip'. Bon appetite!


Take a little time later today--or tomorrow-- to make a list of any UFO's that you have that may need a little special attention. By organizing them in plastic organizer boxes you will be able to see at a glance what may be needed to complete that unfinished projects or make a new home for 'orphan' blocks as a wall hanging or table runner.


Bring your list along with a sample of the fabrics in that projects while you're shopping hopping. You might just find exactly what you need to finish that unique gift for the high school or college graduate, the bride and groom, the newest addition to the family or special someone in your life!

16 Days and Counting

clock June 4, 2015 07:41 by author Ruth

With 16 days to go before the start of Row by Row, thought it would be fun to share interesting information about Michigan as it relates directly to the theme for this year--water! So here is a short list--


Did you know Michigan ....


is derived from the Indian words "Michi-gama" meaning large lake?

State Nickname is the "Great Lake State", but has also been known as "Water Winter Wonderland"?

is the only state that touches four out of the five Great Lakes?

has 38,575 square miles of Great Lake water area?

has 1,194 square miles of inland waters?

has the longest fresh coastline of any other state--3,126 miles?

has more than 11,000 inland lakes?

has more than 36,000 miles of streams?

has 40 of its 83 counties that touch at least one of the Great Lakes?

visitors are within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes?

residents are within six miles of water?

has the Painted Turtle as the State Reptile?

has the Brook Trout as the State Fish?

has the Petoskey Stone--fossilized remains of coral that existed in Northern Lower Peninsula over 350 million years ago--as the State Stone? (I found mine on the shores of Lake Superior near 'Paradise'!)


Well, thanks to the www.Michigan.gov website, we are all a little smarter than a fifth grader!


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17 Days and Counting

clock June 4, 2015 07:37 by author Ruth

Growing up, summer meant vacation time--from school, work and the regular routine. Making lists, planning the travel destinations and mapping out the best way to get to where you were going. Sound familiar? So here we are-it's June again and the perfect time to schedule your break for your regular routine for a Row by Row Experience Road Trip!


With cell phones and I-pads available to take up-to-the-minute pictures and videos, the past practice of sending postcards back home to friends and family has decreased in frequency. In fact, on one occasion, the young clerk at a popular travel spot in Missouri had to 'ask the manager' if they even had any in the store! Thankfully, crafting and quilting enthusiasts have created a wonderful way to add a new twist to the traditional postcard.


Last fall, Row by Row Experience sponsored their first Postcard Party Exchange. If you missed out on the chance to participate, you can still take advantage of tapping into your creativity by designing your own personalized postcard. Stop by Quilt N Go and get a kit (or two) to create a memorable Michigan postcard of your own to keep or send to a friend! Check our blog post of November 17 for additional details on making and sending your postcards through the mail!


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18 Days until Row by Row Experience

clock June 3, 2015 02:23 by author Ruth

If you loved the fabric license plates that were available during the Row by Row Experience last year, be sure to visit www.zebrapatterns.com to view the 2015 collection! Click on the Row by Row Fabric Plate Finder/Trip Planner and select from your favorite state--Michigan--to see the Shop plate designs that have been ordered for this year. The Shops have been sorted by zip code to assist in your Shop Hop planning!

As you are making your list of shops to visit, be sure to stop by Quilt N Go to pick up your copy of the License to Sew pattern design by Carolyn Griffin of Far Flung Quilts published by Cut Loose Press.

These unique fabric license plates were the center focus of Carolyn's quilt designed to document her personal Shop Hop road trip. Each license plate featured a unique 'saying', and included the shop name and home city. Carolyn incorporated one row from two different shops to the top and the bottom of her quilt to frame her array of license plates. Having your own copy of this pattern will allow you to showcase your own Row by Row Experience road trip this year


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Count down to Row By Row Experience

clock June 2, 2015 06:40 by author Ruth

Welcome, June! Just 19 days to go before the start of Row by Row Experience 2015!

We are all excited at Quilt N Go as we get ready to welcome visitors from all over Michigan and the Midwest to the shop. As we continue 'counting down' to the big day--Saturday, June 21st-- watch our blog for news and updated information to help make your Row by Row Experience for 2015 both fun and memorable!


From June 21 to September 8, over 125 shops in Michigan alone will be participating in the Row by Row Shop Hop! You'll receive a free pattern, a chance to purchase our shops Row by Row kit, and browse amid the variety of our fabric choices, patterns and kits.


First, be sure to grab a cup or glass of your favorite summer time refreshment, The May/June copy of The Country Register and pencil and paper. While browsing through the Register, look for the Row by Row medallion or banner for the shops listed. Highlight those to include on your 'must visit' locations noting store address, and hours.


Next, go on line to www.RowbyRowExperience.com to view the 'sample' from the shops on your list. What a great way to preplan your quilts unique design with the ideas that will be available there and at www.facebook.com/MIRowbyRowExperience. With the theme this year being water, we here in Michigan should have a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to our 'Water Wonderland' through the creative outlet we enjoy--quilting!


Today, I'll be stopping at AAA to get some updated maps for my 'road trip' adventure. Although I love the technology of my GPS, as a visual learner, I still feel more comfortable 'mapping' my trip on paper first, and crossing off my successful stops as I go. Enjoy!



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