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The story behind Storytellers

clock September 19, 2015 07:44 by author Ruth

Do you have an interest in literature? Are you also looking to make a gorgeous quilt? Well good news! Quilt N Go is now offering the new Storytellers block of the month. Now this isn't just your normal block of the month. This block of the month (BOM) is like one you've probably never done. The Storytellers block of the month combines the passions of quilting and literature. With each block you get you'll receive an article about a famous woman author. The article tells you what the author has written and gives you a little background into their life and a description of one of their most famous stories. Now this block of the month doesn't just highlight authors of novels but authors of poems and short stories as well. So if you've been looking for new stuff to read and a new project, then you need to sign up for this BOM that is 12 months long and finishes at the size of 102x102. And if you haven't already signed up, you can stop in and we will sign you up for just $23.99 a month, or if you can't make it into the store just give us a call and we can send it to you! Trust me you will want to sign up for this unique block of the month. There probably won't be another one like it!



Here is what your finished project will look like!








Here are the gorgeous fabrics you use to make this beautiful quilt!

Joyce’s Garden Club

clock September 19, 2015 06:16 by author Ruth

On the second Wednesday of every month the Garden Club meets to show and tell their projects with each other, but the Garden Club isn't like your normal club. At the Garden Club meetings the ladies not only show and tell their recent progress on their projects they have been working on they also share garden tips with each other. Sometimes they bring in food they have made with the fresh vegetables they have grown in their garden as well. At this meeting Joyce brought in some homemade salsa she made with the fresh vegetables she grew in her garden. The Garden Club is based on the book "Flower Festival" by Kim Schaefer. If you missed the awesome opportunity to be a part of this fantastic club don't worry. Stay tuned because there is another club by Joyce in the works. But if these gorgeous projects are making you wish you could make one as well you can stop in and pick up a copy of the book.


This is Joyce's finished project for the Garden ClubJ



Linda's finished projectJ


Polly showing of her fantastic bag

Polly also showing her Grinch Christmas quiltJ


This is Jean's finished projectJ


Show and Tell with Mona

clock September 5, 2015 08:54 by author Ruth

Mona came in today excited to show us her projects she has been working on. She brought in lots of projects including her gorgeous Bargello and stunning Fracture Frenzy. Once you've been inspired by Mona's work, stop in and check out our Fracture Frenzy book as well as our Bargello book and start your own!

Mona told us that her husband calls this one "The Beach", but she calls it the painted desert.

Mona also told us that her husband likes to call this one "The Can of Worms"


Written by Madison






Quilt Sampler Fall/Winter 2015

clock September 3, 2015 10:19 by author Ruth

The new Quilt Sampler for Fall and Winter has arrived. Pick up your copy to explore 10 quilt shops from coast to coast.

Show and Tell for this week

clock August 20, 2015 04:13 by author Ruth

Gail brought in her quilt for us to see today. It is gorgeous Gail. Thanks for sharing with us.

Row by Row Experience Winner 2015

clock August 13, 2015 05:09 by author Ruth

The Row by Row Experience for 2015 only has 26 days left. Our kits will be available online on November 1st.

We have a winner. Tammy Caron from Pleasant Lake, MI brought in her finished quilt August 12th. Congratulations Tammy

Her rows were from:

Yards of Fabric, Mason MI

Ann Arbor Sewing & Quilting, Ann Arbor, MI

Quality Quilting, Stockbridge, MI

Cherry Country Quilters, Suttons Bay, MI

Common Threads, St. Louis, MI

Sittin' on the Pins, Leslie, MI

Creative Quilts, Brighton, MI

Country Stitches, East Lansing, MI

New Block of the Month

clock August 4, 2015 06:25 by author Ruth

We are getting ready to start a new BOM (block of the month). It is called Storytellers. We all know the stories, but how many of us know the women behind the stories? The Storytellers is a gorgeous 12 month Block of the Month Program honoring the female authors of some very classic books. Each pattern has interesting tidbits about ladies who changed the literary scene. For instance, did you know Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein when she was only nineteen years old?

Finished size is 102 x 102 We can mail each month to you. Sign up now. We will start this block of the month. September 1st. It is 23.99 per month



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