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Newest Addition at QNG

clock July 2, 2009 10:00 by author Ruth

Joyce Henson started working with us the first of June. She has been quilting for over 30 years. She started by hand quilting with her grandmother. Grandma’s and Grandpa’s take note: we need to develop the new generation of quilters to carry our craft forward. Joyce will be working a few days a week, teaching classes and making samples. Her specialty, besides growing a garden, is piecing and hand quilting. Maybe we can get her to teach a hand quilting class!!!! She is also our new paper piecing expert! (I sense another class coming!!!) After a career in banking, she is FINALLY doing what she has always dreamed of doing: working with customers, making beautiful quilts to display and teaching. She says you can  make her feel welcome by buying her Snap Sack first!!!!

Six halves make a whole!!

clock June 30, 2009 06:40 by author Ruth

Yes, we can count and yes, in this case, six half yards of fabric will get you all or most of a whole quilt top. We packaged together 6 coordinating fabrics to make one of several projects out of our “SIX HALVES MAKE A WHOLE books by The Quilt Branch. Each of our 3 books feature 6 different projects. It isn’t too early to start on those Christmas Gifts-so come in and check ‘em out. Our new Christmas fabric line, Winter Welcome by Wilmington Prints,  should be here real soon.

The Girls had another “play date”!

clock June 25, 2009 11:26 by author Ruth

On Tuesday, June 22 we all got together again to play with rulers. We are all experts using the “ X “ block, Square in a Square, Flying Geese (Eleanor Burns method), Flying Geese (Lazy Girls way), Half Square Triangles (Eleanor Burns) and Prairie Point Template. So, if you need some instruction on these rulers or are just curious, come on in!!!

Busy Week at the Shop

clock May 27, 2009 11:45 by author Ruth

We really had a busy week! Deb and I got back from Spring Market in Pittsburg, PA. We brought back some new fabric lines, new rulers, new techniques,  new patterns and books. The gals in the shop will be getting together to "play" with some new items and then we will be scheduling a "Happy Demo Hour" (after work and maybe some treats!) to show you some of what's new. While the cat (Ruth) was gone, the mice (Jodie and Penny) were busy re-arranging the shop! You need to come in and see what is new and see if you can find what is not as new,  but in a new location!! Thimbleberries Club met on Thursday. 

There was lots to show and tell.More...

Project Comfort

clock May 7, 2009 11:54 by author Ruth

When our customer, Holly Ervin, came to us and presented a community project  providing quilts for the ambulance service, I jumped at the chance. The staff and customers at QNG have been very busy making toddler quilts for LifeCare ambulance service. Our goal was 20 toddler quilts with a pocket for a stuffed animal.


QNG provided the fabric and batting to any customer that would like to take part in the project. We have the greatest customers around! They came up with 30 quilts! The quilts will be given to any toddler that is transported by LifeCare.  

A few of the great customers filling the pockets on the quilts with a stuffed animal


New beginnings

clock May 5, 2009 11:33 by author Ruth

It's a new month, we have spread the "quilting bug" to some new quilters and have some new "stuff" at Quilt N Go.

  The new quilter's hard at work

They're getting the bug

It's spring here and even though we still have to be concerned about a frost at night so we can't put out flowers yet, We got out the fountain. It sounds so nice to hear the water through the OPEN windows. Flowers won't be far off. The hummingbirds have returned and the feeders are up. The gazabo top has been put up and lunch time is now OUT DOORS!

We are having fun putting together coordinating fat eighths by the dozen in packs. We are starting with the 1930's fabrics. You will be able to order them on our website under "Kits"


Spring or NOT in Michigan

clock April 29, 2009 03:11 by author Ruth

It's that time of year where the weather keeps teasing us with just a taste of Spring and then spits a little snow to remind us who is in control. Michigan, we love it.As you probably have figured out, I'm not the daily blogger that many of you are. Is there such a thing as a seasonal blogger? Anyway the grass is green again and been cut once already. The spring projects are popping up in the store and makes me want to go get flowers. We are working on the website in hopes of having all the fabric up this year. We started the new "Snap Sacks" last month and they went great There will be a new design each month and everything is in the "Sack". (top,back and binding) in several different colorways.    


Melissa will be starting her Apron of the month class April 30th and the first apron is really cute.

  I haven't seen the next one yet but knowing Melissa, it will be adorable. You can check out the class dates and times on our newsletter at http://quiltngo.com/news.htm   

The aprons will be coming from the book "More Retro Aprons".  





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