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The Peeps

clock February 20, 2016 04:26 by author Ruth

As I had mentioned in a blog post a couple weeks ago I am currently working on a project for spring. It is the Blossom in Spring seasonal skinnies featuring the peeps. This project has taught me a lot so far. I first learned how to use fusible web to make the shape of the peeps. The fusible was easy and I thought it was fun. I also learned that you can glue buttons on instead of sewing them on which was nice. But so far the hardest part has been the blanket stitch I have to sew around each of the peeps. I've never done a blanket stitch so this was my fist time using it. And let me tell you it was a struggle! Just when I thought I had the hang of it I would reach a little corner and then all hope was lost.

I have not finished it yet, since I have to take lots of breaks just so I don't go crazy. But despite all the trouble with the blanket stitch I have thoroughly enjoyed this project. I've learned lots of new things and gained lots of new skills. I can't wait to see it finished and can't wait to share the finished product with you all.


Written by Madison/Blog Manager at QNG


clock February 13, 2016 07:29 by author Ruth

With spring just around the corner we have all been dying to start a project that goes with spring. And to enhance that excitement we recently just got a bunch of super cute bug fabrics in. These fabrics would be perfect for a small quilt for the little ones you know or to make a cute little bag for them! We have a pattern for a drawstring bag that is perfect for little kids to carry whatever they want. Or you could make a smaller little bag that could hold their legos, toy cars, or barbie clothes! After you see how cute the bag you made is then you will want to make one for yourself!


This is the pouch that would be

perfect for the little ones to

carry their toys in.









clock February 6, 2016 04:40 by author Ruth

Since spring is right around the corner I decided to work on something for the coming spring season. I used the Blossom in Spring seasonal skinnies pattern. The pattern comes with patterns for three different kinds of wall hangings, a bird house, a vase of tulips, and the one I chose, the peeps. I choose lots of bright fabrics to make the little peeps themselves. I also got to learn how to use fusible for the first time. This has been a fun project for me and it has been helping me get into the Easter spirit. I'm very excited to get it finished and see it hung up in the store. 





Meet the Peeps



This is how I plan to lay them out


This is the pattern



 This was the first quilt I ever made. I've come a long way.

 Written by Madison/QNG blog manager

Mystery Grab Bags

clock January 30, 2016 05:25 by author Ruth

The Mystery Grab Bags are only $3 each and contain several coordinated fabrics. These bags contain enough fabric for that small project your working on. Or you can pick up a grab bag and pick a project to start based on the fabric you got. You won't want just one either! Once you get one you will want another one after you see the gorgeous fabric inside. Stop in and choose a mystery bag and see what gorgeous fabrics you got!



 Connie picked up a grab and got

these cute animal fabrics


Connie also picked up another grab

bag and got a Christmas panel and

some Christmas fabrics to go with it

Purse Queen

clock January 18, 2016 04:17 by author Ruth

Does the new year mean new purse for you? Or are you just obsessed with purses? Or just want to try and make a purse? Well we just happen to have the purse queen working at our shop! Our employee Teresa is a master at making purses. She has made most of the purses we have here at our shop. She loves making all kinds of them. Whether they are large and can carry everything or if they are small and compact to carry the bare necessities. Why would you go and buy a purse at a store and spend a bunch of money for one that isn't exactly what you want when you can make your own and make it exactly how you want and need it. And if you need a new wallet, you're in luck. We also patterns for wallets too! 



Teresa the purse queen modeling the new Diana shoulder bag




The Cabana Mesh Tote is the perfect beach or pool bag!



The Cell Phone Wallet is perfect for when you don't want a big purse but still need to bring the necessities.


The Folding Wallet


The Gadget Girl is perfect for those who love to carry around their electronics with them.


The Glam Shell



The Karin Purse is the perfect size for everyday use.



The Potato Chip bag its called that because you can't make just one!



The Sonoma Swing Bag




The Gromet and wallet Bag




The Barbados Bag





Cut Loose Press

clock January 16, 2016 06:27 by author Ruth

Now that the holidays are over are you looking for new projects to start? Do you need ideas of what to make? Well lucky you, we have the gigantic cut loose binder full of patterns and projects! The binder is organized with tabs that include Quilt, Stitchery, Home, Yardage Friendly, Strip Friendly, Square Friendly, Fat Quarter Friendly, 30 Minute, 2-3 Hour, and 6+ hour. The tabs make it super easy to find the exact type of project you are looking for. The patterns are on one page so you won't have to worry about having trouble reading what it says. And better yet each pattern is only $3.50! Our employee Joyce even has a pattern published by Cut Loose Press! If your stumped for what to do next come browse the binder and find your next project!



This is Joyce's beautiful pattern!


Farm Girl Vintage

clock January 9, 2016 07:22 by author Ruth





Farm Girl Vintage Club will start in March!

Have you seen the Farm Girl Vintage Book by Lori Holt?  Using 30's fabrics there are a number of projects that can be made from the sampler on the cover to potholders, placemats, tablerunners, wall hangings, etc.  All the blocks are pieced--no applique and they are soooooo cute!  Fruits, stars, a house, a barn, a milk can, animals, canning jars, and more.

We'll be doing 6" blocks and throughout the 12 month period, you'll get fabrics each month for 4 different blocks so you'll have 48 at the end which is enough to make the sampler quilt on the cover or you can make any of the projects in the book.  Besides purchasing the book which has all the pattern w

e'll use (and more), each month will be $5.99 (for the 4 blocks).

If you choose to attend the club meetings, we'll be meeting the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting in March at 1:00pm for an hour.  Each participant will have a little tally card to keep track of stickers they may receive each month--for attending, having the previous month's blocks completed, and bringing something for show and tell.  We'll have door prizes each month and the people with the most stickers at the end will receive prizes as well!

There are samples of the blocks for the first 2 months in the store if you want to see them in person.......sign up over the phone or in person soon so we can get your first month's blocks cut!!!



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