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New Block Magazine Has Arrived

clock November 7, 2015 07:28 by author Ruth




It's arrived! The Fall, 2015 edition of the Missouri Star Quilt Company BLOCK is now available!

In this edition, Jenny features ten patterns mixing new ideas while revisiting old favorites. The Merry-Go-Round quilt (pictured above) commerates a bygone era where the end of summer was marked by that last trip to the beach or boardwalk and a memorable ride on a carousel.

The Easy Hashtag quilt will be a real hit with a teen on your Christmas list. While we might recognize it as the number or pound sign, the hashtag has proven to be an effective and easy way for us to "link to other messages of similar theme or content" while using social media.

Jenny also takes an updated look at the Dresden pattern in Dresden Squared and has new suggestions on how to make the Cathedral Window easy. In addition, she always has great ideas on making each one easy and fun!

Festive Decorating

clock October 31, 2015 07:04 by author Ruth

With winter fast approaching, and the holidays coming with it, you've probably started thinking about how you are going to decorate your house for the winter season. You've probably thought about putting lights up on the house and a wreath on the door but what about the inside of your house? Why should you let the festive decorations stop outside? Why not let them come inside as well. Or maybe you have thought about decorating the inside of your house but don't know how or don't have decorations for the inside. Well worry no more! Quilt n Go has a variety of different projects for all skill levels. Whether you have lots of time or little time we have a project for you. We have the patterns for napkins, beautiful table runners, and cute monthly minis. This season you could make a new table runner and show it off at Thanksgiving or even Christmas dinner. Or if table runners aren't really your thing you could make festive napkins that will add a nice touch to the table at Thanksgiving dinner. Or if you already have plenty of table decorations you could decorate your bedroom or any room in your house with a gorgeous wall hanging or mini wall hanging. We have plenty of festive panels that you could just add batting and binding and there you go, you have a gorgeous wall hanging that took little time and adds a festive spirit to the room. And since the wall hanging didn't take you very long you could make a mini wall hanging to hang on any door in your house! So come stop in our shop and find a project to make for the upcoming and fast approaching holiday season.






Fall is Finally Here

clock October 24, 2015 09:09 by author Ruth

Fall has finally fallen upon us. All the trees have beautiful vibrant colors and the air is nice and crisp. So come take a trip over to Quilt n Go and look at all the vibrant colors on the trees on your way over while you still can. But the sense of fall doesn't stop once you walk in the door. The store has a warm and cozy vibe with all of our fall decorations and fall projects hanging up all over the store. So if you have already finished your fall projects or are looking to start one we still have lots of fall projects to work on. Whether you're looking for something simple and quick or something that you can sit and work on while you enjoy the wonderful fall weather we have something for you. So come stop in and get in the spirit and enjoy it while you still can before the dreaded cold weather winter brings comes upon us.


The Newest Stress Reliever

clock October 3, 2015 08:11 by author Ruth

A new study has come out saying that coloring helps relieve your stress. Now you have an excuse to be a kid again! And we have just gotten in a bunch of coloring books for adults. So if you've been a little more stressed lately stop in and pick up one of the coloring books we have. We have books from patterns to mandalas. So next time you feel stressed, or just want to be a kid again, you can pull out your new coloring book, crayons or colored pencils and sit a color. Here are just a few of the books we have in stock now.


Wall of Fame

clock October 3, 2015 07:29 by author Ruth

Need inspiration on a new project to start? Or do you just like to look at other projects people have finished? Well good news! Quilt n go now has a wall of fame! Next time you stop in bring us your new projects, which you made with either fabric or a pattern you bought from us, and we will snap a picture of you and your work and put up on our wall of fame. Or if you've hit a slump and can't figure out what project you want to start next then you can just stop in and get inspired by other projects that are up on our wall of fame. And if you have stopped in recently, and we took your picture, stop in to see if your picture is on our wall of fame!

They're Everywhere!

clock September 26, 2015 07:27 by author Ruth

You've seen them everywhere. From commercials to the toys that come in happy meals. The minions are everywhere you go. And chances are the kids in your family are obsessed with the little yellow guys. And let's face it you probably can't help to love them as well. So to contribute to their growing popularity you can make the kids something with minions. We have recently got our minion fabric back in stock! But you better come in quick before we sell out of it again. We have a minion panel and other bolts of minion themed fabrics. Don't pass up this opportunity to sew with the minions and make something nice for the kids (or yourself)!

Fear of Zippers

clock September 26, 2015 07:26 by author Ruth

Have you fell in love with a pattern but saw it had a zipper and immediately but it down and walked away from it? Just because it has a zipper?! Well thankfully you won't have to do that anymore! Teresa is offering a class on making a zipper pouch. But the class isn't just for making the zipper pouch (that's just a bonus!) the class is supposed to help you get used to working with zippers. Teresa will help you get over that little fear of zippers you have. The next class is October 12th so come join her and conquer that fear! So next time you see a pattern that you fall in love with, and see that it has a zipper, you no longer have to disappointedly set it down and walk away. You will be able to happily take that pattern home and sew that zipper with confidence!



These fine ladies are conquering their fear of zippers!



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