It's that time of year where the weather keeps teasing us with just a taste of Spring and then spits a little snow to remind us who is in control. Michigan, we love it.As you probably have figured out, I'm not the daily blogger that many of you are. Is there such a thing as a seasonal blogger? Anyway the grass is green again and been cut once already. The spring projects are popping up in the store and makes me want to go get flowers. We are working on the website in hopes of having all the fabric up this year. We started the new "Snap Sacks" last month and they went great There will be a new design each month and everything is in the "Sack". (top,back and binding) in several different colorways.    


Melissa will be starting her Apron of the month class April 30th and the first apron is really cute.

  I haven't seen the next one yet but knowing Melissa, it will be adorable. You can check out the class dates and times on our newsletter at   

The aprons will be coming from the book "More Retro Aprons".