A couple of months ago, a friend of mine stopped into Quilt N Go and asked me to duplicate a "chalk bag" she had purchased.  A chalk bag is used for rock climbers to hold the chalk.  I wonder if it's like driveway art?  Hmmm...Anyway, she said I could take the bag apart and use it as a pattern.  This is not something that usually turns out well for me, so I was reluctant to even begin this project.  Not to mention, Ruth gave me a look like I had lost my mind! 


Not wanting to tear apart the black bag, I did a search online for "chalk bag" and found an excellent tutorial with a bag similar to the one my friend had given me as the sample.  She had also wanted her new bags made from a burlap coffee bag. The black bag had a metal ring of some sort around the top of the bag to give it stability and help keep its round shape.  I had no idea where to find such a thing, but the tutorial suggested a zip tie.  I was able to find heavy duty zip ties and they worked perfectly!  I used fleece on the inside of the bag and my top cinched closed just like the sample!  The bags turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

My friend came today to pick up the four new chalk bags and was thrilled with them.  She is so excited that she can't wait to give them to her son who is going to share them with his rock climbing friends.  (I still think driveway art is much safer!)  Although this project was intimidating and had me nervous about doing it, it turned out to be fun and pretty easy! 

How are your UFOs coming?  While looking for the quilt top I want to finish, I found another UFO!  Shocking, I know.  But this means that I will have a completed UFO to share on Saturday at QNG's Bring & Brag at 2:00!  Hope to see you there.

Keep quilting and stay warm!