Hello quilters!  The kiddos go back to school tomorrow and things will start to get back to normal around here.  One thing I've been doing for the last few years is starting a list of all the projects...quilts, sewing, gifts needed for upcoming new babies, new things for my sewing/quilting studio...that I would like to accomplish for the upcoming year.  This list is ongoing as new things are added, but what a sense of accomplishment as items are checked off!  I don't ever finish all the things on my list, but by the end of the year, I can see how much I've done.  How do you keep track of your projects?  Do you gather all the supplies, put a pretty red bag in a tote, and months later find it?  Think about how you would like to keep organized and on track.  I just use a three-ring binder with notebook paper.  My notebook holds ideas, sketches, and even whole quilt layouts and patterns.  You may have a much better way, so share your ideas with us!

Besides getting organized for the year, do you have any UFOs wanting to be completed and admired?  Maybe it's a kit you bought and started, a quilt top waiting to be quilted and bound, blocks ready to be assembled into a new quilt top.  I would like to challenge you to start completing those UFOs and then bring them for Bring N Brag at Quilt N Go on January 21 from 1-2.  I have a quilt top to put some finishing touches on and get it quilted!  Watch for it on the 21st!