With all the summertime activities and lacrosse tournaments, I find myself packing my sewing machine and current project as fast as I do my toothbrush! Hours in hotels means hours of sewing for me!  One of my favorite "tools" to use both at home and on the road is my little Steamfast iron.  This little gem heats up quickly and gets as hot as a full size iron to press out those stubborn wrinkles as well as pressing seams to keep my quilt project looking extra sharp.



My little iron is also a must have for quilt retreats!  A small table next to your sewing machine to iron is so convenient and a cinch to pack!  The Steamfast iron comes with a little cup to add water if you like steam.  It also has a carry bag which helps keep it clean and scratch free while not in use. 

Over the years, I have purchased quite a few irons.  Mostly, I had water in the receptacle and used steam when pressing or ironing.  One thing I found was that after the water had been used over and over, my irons would stop steaming all together or worse yet, spit out the sediment that had built up inside.  This, of course, makes a huge mess on your fabric.  I tried all kinds of water...tap, bottled, distilled, spring, etc. and never had a lot of success with keeping my iron in top notch condition.  My last few irons have not had any water in them at all and they are still working perfect!  There are quite a few pressing sprays around, but one of my favorites is Mary Ellen's Best Press.  It comes in a variety of scents and leaves your fabric with a lightweight starch feel which sure makes your finished quilting project look stunning! 

Quilt N Go has a selection of the small travel irons and lots of Best Press...so stop in soon and prepare to take your quilting on the road!