This summer, I have had the pleasure of working with two beautiful young ladies and helping them begin their quilting journey.



Emily is a ten-year-old who wanted to learn to quilt to carry on her Nannie's love of quilting.  Emily was visiting while I was in Missouri with my friend, Bonnie.  Bonnie told Emily to choose eight fabrics from her Nannie's stash to begin her quilt.  The pattern Bonnie chose was from Missouri Star Quilt Company called Big Star.  The blocks finish at 25", so the project goes quickly.  Emily's quilt finished at 50"x 50".  Emily worked all day on a Friday and part of the next day to complete her top.  For her backing, she choose a royal blue minky and sent it all home with me to quilt.  I was able to get it quilted and bound so it would be waiting for her at home when she returned from vacation.  The joy in her voice when she called to tell me how much she loved her new quilt was heartwarming!

Dylan is also a ten-year-old and has been taking sewing lessons with me since January.  She received a new Brother embroidery machine for Christmas and was excited to learn.  She has made lots of very fun projects and this summer we decided to begin her first quilt.  Dylan also chose the Big Star after seeing pictures of Emily's quilt!  Dyan and her mom went shopping together to choose her fabrics. and step one was cutting all the squares for her quilt.  The first day we assembled one of the stars so she could have something to show her dad and other family members.  Dylan comes to sew for just two hours at a time and so her quilt is a work in progress. 

Do you know a little girl (or boy) who would like to learn to sew?  It doesn't have to be your child or grandchild.  Maybe a neighbor child who would love to spend some one on one time with you.  When I was a little girl, I had an older neighbor who taught me how to knit and crochet.  It was always so exciting to sit at the picnic table with her while she taught me how to do what she did.  I never really made things quite as nice as hers, but I will always remember her sweet, patient teaching and the cookies and lemonade she gave me after we had worked for awhile. 

So many of the schools have done away with home economics, so our little ones are not being taught the craft we all love so much.  Maybe you can find someone to share your time and talents with.  It really doesn't take much time and you will be making a positive impact on a life!

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